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Praises to YHVH, the Eternal Light on my path

How to love me

I do not need a thousand gifts or material things of this world I need a "hug me tight", or a "lets have some coffee together" to make everything that is wrong go back to right I do not need... Continue Reading →


Moment of otherness

Voices and machines fade - fade further and further to a dim. Silence, utter silence...and light I'm somewhere where darkness can't come in, a glimpse of whatever is ahead? I feel peace surrounding me whoever 'me' form might dwell in... Continue Reading →

Hello Love

Hello, such a simple word Hello, said to so many people a day Hello, such a normal greeting way Hello, all I want to you Love, such an enormous word Love, so many use it in vain Love, a... Continue Reading →

Time running out

Another weekend another friday gone another day closer to the due date of stupid human set time, to hear your laughter to hug you super tight to have you sleep over and visit your real home for as long as... Continue Reading →

Beautiful time

I was sitting next to you Next to the big open blue Talking and laughing even better than like we used to and you hugged me tight, my heart was a multitude of delight as I enjoyed our precious time... Continue Reading →

My daughter

You have been a star in my show a great big warrior that kept me going, a help when I needed it, an everlasting source of being positive. When I was so sick and I cried of pain, you kept... Continue Reading →

My wildflower

Her love was like a soft breeze on a hot day, her spirit was like an all too fragant flower, her mind was an explosion of bright colours, and her presence was the thing that could set a thousand candles... Continue Reading →

Happy day

We talk the way we used to, just for one happy day, we try to rid our minds of everything that we stored inside, just for one happy day, we laugh and hug, we appreciate that absence is no longer... Continue Reading →

Joy comes in the morning

A season of pain of longing for you and crying in the rain A season of being strong for all those doing wrong of utmost strength and of holding on to sweet memories A season of waiting (for this season... Continue Reading →

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