South Africa

Bio: Writing of poetry and some pieces on life, illness, love and our daily storms that we face - helps to release some of the inner turmoil and my life lessons that I had to go through. I had quite a lot of turmoil and lessons in my life, as many of us do. My greatest storm started in 2014 when I received my MRI scan diagnostic back and the words ‘tumor and spinal cord’ looked at me with vivacious eyes. I had to learn to walk again and the right side of my body is sensorically paralyzed - luckily only from my arms downwards and it is able to move again after extensive willpower and mind over matter training. It is still changing every week. I am happy and feel blessed to not have lost my motor ability and to have kept my stubborn positivity to believe that all will work again. This is, according to my neurosurgeon, my best attribute as it develops healing.

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