South Africa

Bio: Writing of poetry and some pieces on life, illness, love and our daily storms that we face - helps to release some of the inner turmoil and my life lessons that I had to go through. I had quite a lot of turmoil and lessons in my life, so my blog will most probably cover quite a few topics. My latest storm was the size of a pea - stuck in my spinal cord - also known as a tumor. As of 23 July 2015 I underwent another surgery and the tumor was finally removed. I face my storms with my loving family and friends and my unwavering belief in my Creator that gives me strength through all this stuff of life (although I use to reject it vigorously). I have to learn to walk again and my left side of my body is sensorically paralyzed and to a lesser extent my right side - luckily only from my arms downwards and it is able to move - it will just take time to get used to a body that feels like no body. I am happy and feel blessed to not have lost my motor ability and to be able to gain my motor ability back with training and physio.

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