How high is the depth of You, Your being is too high too reach

How magnificent is Your power, to energetic for me to touch

I sit in Your courts and I feel the peace surround my soul, my mind,

it surrounds me and makes me feel whole – I feel at peace about it all

You show me my life – You reveal the love, the essence of who You are

You show this to me in my state of being there and here at the same time

and I thank You – for You are more than what my mind can comprehend

I am in awe


You healed me from my sin – my being a puppet on a string thing

You rescued me from the uncertainty of people and what they think

You held me up high and showed me how I can fly

to the mountain up high – and reach to the deepest depth of the sea

but even the height and depth is not close to how You are

You are the Star within us, the One who wants to shine

A miracle is waiting again – and that miracle will be mine