It is the sickness
that has lingered
with me, my loved ones,
and one thing I realized
about this time of day-to-day:
cancer is not able to take away faith,
it cannot touch the inner hope,
it’s powerless to everlasting life.

A sister, a father, an aunt, family,
a tumour here, a tumour there,
another friend who passed away…
cancer thinks it can have the final say.

But cancer cannot touch memories,
cancer cannot touch the soul,
it might touch the physical, the mental,
but it cannot touch the person as a whole.

With this knowing
the pain might still,
even if just for a second,
it might be a temporary pain pill.

The one thing that brings hope,
that brings faith and calmness 
is knowing for certain,
knowing for sure,
that love will live longer
than cancer could ever endure.

I love you
and for eternity, I will.