Another weekend
another friday gone
another day closer
to the due date
of stupid human set time,
to hear your laughter
to hug you super tight
to have you sleep over
and visit your real home
for as long as you like

Only thirty more days
before the clock runs out
before the so called program
is over and done
then we can see each other
text each other to our hearts delight,
and not have this this huge,
huge strain hanging over our heads,
just four more fridays my dearest,
just thirty more days my sweet.

I cannot wait to hug you
until Í want to let you go,
and I cannot wait to talk and talk
until Í have nothing left to say
(which might not ever happen
’cause I always have stuff to say),
and you always have stuff to say too,
we never run out of of words,
we are so amazingly similar.
I cannot wait for the clock to run fast
thirty days to hug my brightest star…
only four more weeks to keep sane
drink my pills and numb the pain…haha.

I cannot wait to hold her close to my heart,
to hear her laughter in my being and to see,
to smell her long forgotten childlike smell
to embrace the essence of everything she is
I cannot wait to hold my daughter close to me