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Today, I am broken

How to overcome

the harsh pang of a knife

stuck through flesh and bone

right to the heart of things?

How to overcome the ever present,

lingering pain and sadness, pain, more pain

from brokenness, from longing, from missing the ones I love

I asked Him to soften my heart, again, and I cried, again and again,

I cry the drought to a land of plenty

The land is now plentiful, but I am empty

I was the stream, trying to water all

and all,

I was a stream, but now I am a cracked dry path

of broken promises



There is a constant reminder
of being broken and half complete.
It lingers in my body;
I cannot sleep,
I dare not dance,
I might walk for a while…
but the fire inside is deep
where no man can touch,
and it burns my body.
I feel weak.

'Good morning' it says at three
'Afternoon' it moans to me
'Good evening my dear friend'…
it is the burn that never sleeps.

I am a slave to its constant reminder
that it is not leaving me,
but rather kindling it's animosity
by controlling my mind
controlling my body
controlling me

Pain is no friend of mine
but Pain never leaves me behind

The depth of You

How high is the depth of You, Your being is too high too reach

How magnificent is Your power, to energetic for me to touch

I sit in Your courts and I feel the peace surround my soul, my mind,

it surrounds me and makes me feel whole – I feel at peace about it all

You show me my life – You reveal the love, the essence of who You are

You show this to me in my state of being there and here at the same time

and I thank You – for You are more than what my mind can comprehend

I am in awe


You healed me from my sin – my being a puppet on a string thing

You rescued me from the uncertainty of people and what they think

You held me up high and showed me how I can fly

to the mountain up high – and reach to the deepest depth of the sea

but even the height and depth is not close to how You are

You are the Star within us, the One who wants to shine

A miracle is waiting again – and that miracle will be mine


It is the sickness
that has lingered
with me, my loved ones,
and one thing I realized
about this time of day-to-day:
cancer is not able to take away faith,
it cannot touch the inner hope,
it’s powerless to everlasting life.

A sister, a father, an aunt, family,
a tumour here, a tumour there,
another friend who passed away…
cancer thinks it can have the final say.

But cancer cannot touch memories,
cancer cannot touch the soul,
it might touch the physical, the mental,
but it cannot touch the person as a whole.

With this knowing
the pain might still,
even if just for a second,
it might be a temporary pain pill.

The one thing that brings hope,
that brings faith and calmness 
is knowing for certain,
knowing for sure,
that love will live longer
than cancer could ever endure.

I love you
and for eternity, I will.

Plot twist

All it really took was one simple decision-
other people might think it is insane
and would not understand at all…
When you want to be a someone,
when you want to live in beauty,
when you need to see family
Reality is not really a factor
and jumping off a high cliff
into an unknown mystery
seems more appealing

It only took one choice, really
just a little morning chat
and we’re leaving soon
A new journey waits.
A beautiful city.
A new song.
A new life.

not long now…
not long at all

A sad tune

I see red around his blue eyes,
a little tear escaping to the floor.
I recognise the face – one I used to have –
I hug him tight to take away the sore,
the fear softly instilled in his mind.
I hug him tight and pray for peace
in a world that is lead by the blind.

Tree or wildflower

​Was I made to shoot my roots
down in one single place?
Was I made to grow tall
and give shadow to hundreds?
Or was I made to blow with the wind
from place to place
never really settling down.

A little wildflower -flying paper-
showing a bit of it’s beauty
before flying off to unknown places,
embracing every new adventure.

Fall to fly

A desicion – that is all it took
to fall, fall, fall and then fly
being shot up high in the sky.

A new journey awaits
before all eradicates
I am childishly excited
for this place was destruction to me

We were gloriously misled,
an empty promise to us, the promisee
I cannot wait for this next step
to the place I longed for from the age of seven

We walk, footstep by footstep
into our place that is heaven

A note to the King

In happy days
your friendship
your laughter and love
soothe my soul to the point
where I am full, I am satisfied
with who I am, with what you make
me feel like – ‘your princess, your queen’

In darkness
you pick me up
you brush your hands
over my frail and dead body
and you take me, lie me down
again and again you pick me up
you don’t tire out or complain about
my brokenness. I am your queen always

and you, my husband,
you are my

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