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Praises to YHVH, the Eternal Light on my path

The depth of You

How high is the depth of You, Your being is too high too reach How magnificent is Your power, to energetic for me to touch I sit in Your courts and I feel the peace surround my soul, my mind,... Continue Reading →



It is the sickness that has lingered with me, my loved ones, and one thing I realized about this time of day-to-day: cancer is not able to take away faith, it cannot touch the inner hope, it's powerless to everlasting... Continue Reading →

Plot twist

All it really took was one simple decision- other people might think it is insane and would not understand at all... When you want to be a someone, when you want to live in beauty, when you need to see... Continue Reading →

A sad tune

I see red around his blue eyes, a little tear escaping to the floor. I recognise the face - one I used to have - I hug him tight to take away the sore, the fear softly instilled in his... Continue Reading →

Tree or wildflower

​Was I made to shoot my roots down in one single place? Was I made to grow tall and give shadow to hundreds? Or was I made to blow with the wind from place to place never really settling down.... Continue Reading →

Fall to fly

A desicion - that is all it took to fall, fall, fall and then fly being shot up high in the sky. A new journey awaits before all eradicates I am childishly excited for this place was destruction to me... Continue Reading →

A note to the King

In happy days your friendship your laughter and love soothe my soul to the point where I am full, I am satisfied with who I am, with what you make me feel like - 'your princess, your queen' In darkness... Continue Reading →

We only have each other for a while

A time that is captured in pictures, a second that I might have missed because of a moment of anger or fear... drifts slowly past my lingering thoughts and I am sad and lost in a mind of memories of... Continue Reading →

You complete me

Beautifying words flow from your lips and fall softly in my ears, I am so extremely happy about your presence in my broken life. You fill all the cracks with some everlasting glue, my heart rejoices at the sight of... Continue Reading →

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